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Muscles McBloodgun
20 September 1976
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I'm Monte. I'm a dork. I'm not shy about that fact. I embrace my dorkiness. Afterall, I'm a 30 year old man who still watches professional wrestling, listens to "Weird Al" Yankovic, loves Star Wars, plays video games, and still buys and plays with toys. I'm more comfortable sitting at home watching a good movie than going out and trying to interact socially. Not that I don't go out and can't have a good time while out or anything, but sometimes I'd just rather sit at home and play my Xbox 360 or just watch TV, eat some microwave popcorn, and chill with my dog than go out to the bar and be social. I do have a steady job and live in my own house, not in my parent's basement or anything like that, so I guess I'm not TOO bad.

I do get out from time to time as I am in a band called The Banana Convention (www.TheBananaConvention.com). I do a little bit of singing, mostly back-up, and am the "percussionist" for the band. That means I play the tamborine and hit my cow bell with a stick. You should come see us when we perform. We're a very fun band.

That is all.