Muscles McBloodgun (montecarl) wrote,
Muscles McBloodgun

33rd Time's The Charm

I had a pretty good Birthday, despite a pretty rocky start. Heather and I had a HUGE fight on Thursday night wherein we basically broke up for a few hours/overnight. We talked more on Friday and somewhat patched things up. Things aren't perfect and everything is not smoothed over or anything, but we're not broken up and are going to ride this a little longer and see where it takes us.

Spent a majority of the day on Saturday, the 19th, in Hemlock with the family and that's always a good time. To make it better, though, many family members from Kentucky were in town and I got to see my Aunts and Uncles that I don't get to see that often. We did the parade for Sawdust Day, then went home to hang out there and had a pretty amazing dinner of BBQ and all the fixins. We sat around the bon fire for a few hours drinking and talking and playing silly games and just laughing and having a good time. That was great. I left Hemlock a little after 11 and me and Heather and our friend Laura went to White's Bar for a few drinks before we headed home for a few more drinks with Pooder and friends.

My actual Birthday day was pretty uneventful. Heather and I basically sat around the house all day doing much of nothing. Was nice to just relax like that. Around 10:30, she and I headed back to White's where we were met by friends and where I got pretty sloshed as my friend Chris got me a "Stop Light". A "Stop Light" consists of three shots taken back to back to back - Lime Vodka, Tequila, and Hot Damn. Ugh. He did that to me last year on my Birthday too, and we all know how last year ended up. ;)

After a little over an hour at White's, we headed to another bar - The Scottish Inn - because I was really hungry and wanted one of their delicious sandwiches. Unfortunately, when we go there, the kitchen was closed, so no sandwich for me. There's not much else I really remember from being at the Scottish cuz that's when the Stop Light really kicked in. No idea how long we were there or anything we may have talked about, but we left there and headed to Taco Bell and then to Chris's place to eat up before we went home.

I took yesterday off from work and again, we did much of nothing. We went out to see the movie The Informant, which was decent but not amazing, then we came home and got Chinese takeout and watched TV.

And that was my Birthday weekend. :)
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