Muscles McBloodgun (montecarl) wrote,
Muscles McBloodgun

2009 Recap

I started out 2009 firstly playing a show at White's Bar on New Year's Eve. The Banana Convention were the first band on the stage that night, and as soon as our set was over, every one of us got out of dodge as we all had our own plans for the evening. Mine included getting in my car with Stroebel and driving 3 hours up north to see Heather at a party she was at. Stroebel and I were traveling up I-75 as the clock hit midnight and the year ticked over from 2008 to 2009. Neither one of us got a kiss, for your information.

The major change in my life in 2009 is that Heather moved in with me, giving me a live-in girlfriend for the first time in 5 years. We weren't all that super serious when it happened, as it was more of a move of necessity than anything else. She lost her job and was kicked out of her house at the same time in early February. Rather than keep her homeless and sleeping in her Jeep, I had her come stay with me. Mostly against her will.

In January, I got the bad news that my old friend Darrold passed away, which was just a few weeks after my Uncle Butch died, so that wasn't a very fun few weeks

The Banana Convention played and toured all over as we played a total of 53 shows in 2009, which averages out to 1 show per week. Of course, we spent 10 days on the road in August for our East Coast Tour, which was amazing. There was a span between mid-April and the beginning of August where I literally did not have one free weekend. Between shows with The BC and family stuff, I did not have a weekend to just do NOTHING for about 15 weekends in a row. Crazy, but fun!

The Family Canoe Trip/Blue Harvest Fest/Campowowalk weekends were all wonderful and super fun, as usual. And, yes, I KNOW I still haven't uploaded all the pictures from all those things, but they ARE coming. I promise!

Oh, and how can I forget my trip to Portland, OR that I took in October!? That was amazing. Portland is a beautiful place, and made even more so by my best friend Sara living out there and us staying with her the whole time. I'm already looking forward to heading back there sometime in 2010.

Then winter came and everything has calmed down and I've not done much of anything since snow has hit the ground. My New Year's Eve celebration was pretty tame. Started early at my house drinking a few beers while watching some 'Rasslin on the TeeVee before heading up to White's at about the 10:30 mark to check out a friend's band, A Machete Fight. Once they were done, I promptly left the bar and went to Fletch Bohanski's pad where he, his lady, Cheney, Miranda, Pooder, and I drank and watched the ball drop in Times Square. I stuck around there a bit longer before heading home and my head hit the pillow before 2am.

So, that was my 2009 in a nutshell
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