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Nothelfer Family Get Together

Had the best weekend in a long time with my family.

Friday night, The BC played in Bay City and, while we didn't have the biggest crowd we've ever had there, it was still full. Best of all, my dad and brothers came out to the show. My brothers Marty (from Ishpeming) and Matt (from LA) were in town as we had the big family Christmas this weekend. It was a fun to kick off the weekend playing a show and having my family there.

On Saturday we had the big Nothelfer Family Christmas Party, which included all aunts and cousins and everybody. So much fun, and lots and lots of food. We played some family games and then went out and did some Christmas Caroling a few blocks around our neighborhood. That was a tremendous experience. I don't think anybody in our family, really, are "carolers", but my Mom really pushed for it and we all went out and did it and had a blast. It helped to have a few bottles of liquor stashed away to "keep us warm" ;)

My Dad dressed up as Santa and at one house was this little boy who was SO excited to have Santa Claus right there in his front yard! His eyes were so big and he was so happy. That made the whole thing worth it. Another highlight was caroling for an older lady who cried. I couldn't tell if she was crying because she was happy we were caroling for her or because our singing was so bad. Actually, she was very touched by it, and Heather spent a lot of time with her after we were done. We moved on and caroled at two more houses while she was there talking with her. Turns out her husband had just passed and she's been pretty lonely and we really truly did touch her by doing that. It meant a lot.

After the family party ended, all my brothers and several cousins headed up to the Farmer's Home Tavern in Hemlock where EVERYBODY got trashed. Well, I didn't as I was driving home that night, but I had a few and still had a wonderful time. Besides us, there were maybe 10 other people in the bar and we completely ran the place. We played the jukebox all night long and sang along to every song. Loudly. We were the table of people I likely would've hated had I gone to that bar to just sit and have a few drinks, but fuck it. We were having a grand old time.

The next day was a smaller family get together, just immediate family. Since Marty and Matt are rarely in town, we did Christmas with them and with our nephews. This was a much more laid back affair, but still very nice. Later in the evening, we played a game of Spoons, which is a card game involving....well.....spoons. Not going to take the time to explain it, but when the Nothelfer Boys are involved, even card games are a full contact sport.

Heather was blown away by how ridiculous and crazy my family is. We've been together a year now, but she's not really and truly experienced a full on Nothelfer Family get together. She didn't believe families like this really existed. Well, we do, and I know I am tremendously blessed to be a part of it.

Hundreds of pictures were taken over the course of those three days and I hope to start getting them uploaded later this week. Once I do, I'll be sure to post a link for those interested.
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